Why is at least one website required?

(Johannes Ernst) #1

I’m surprised that Matomo requires that at least one tracked website exists at all times.

I’m attempting to script an automated installer for UBOS, and it makes very little sense that I pick some arbitrary site that is there once the user logs in for the first time.

Also, I can’t delete the last of my tracked websites either. Why not? Let’s say I offer a service to customers that monitors their websites, and, as bad luck has it, I just lost my last customer but am hopeful to get a new one next week. In the meantime, I should be able to have zero websites being tracked.

What am I misunderstanding about this requirement for at least one site? Can I at least point it to myself, i.e. the site that runs Matomo itself?

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #2

Great question. in fact I had the same question myself. it seems it is needed as there is a dependency with the home page dashboard display, which needs at least one website. So for temporary workaround, you could create a sample website (dummy) and delete rest of the unnecessary things.