Why all the frequent security check failures?

I am new to Matomo. I find that very often when just using the user interface or trying something like the Google Analytics Importer, I get “security check” errors. Usually I reload the page, or re-login. Sometimes that fixes it.

What is the cause of these security check failures?

I am using the Brave browser and cookies are enabled. It would be nice to know if I am doing something wrong.

Hi @jasimon9
Can you check:

  • If there is some errors:
    • in the browser JavaScript console
    • in the browser network console
    • in the Matomo errors log file
  • If the Matomo checkup is ok: https://matomo-server/index.php?module=Installation&action=systemCheckPage

Thanks for your response.

I would probably have to check those places (javascript and network) the next time a security error occurs. Where is the Matomo errors log?

Regarding the checkup, there are still some things that need to be fixed up there.

Hi @jasimon9