White Screen Of Death or White page in main dashborad

Hi there,

My main dashboard shows up as a white page, sometimes called the ‘White screen of death’.
So, I did to find out this bug error in console log.

This message appeared.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable)


How can I solve this problem?



I don’t think Piwik does return 406 response codes, but to make sure there is no error, check the php error log.

It can also be a problem with the webserver or it’s configuration, so please also check its error log.

406 (Not Acceptable) means that the client is trying to request the information in a format (via the accept-header, so maybe check in the developer tools what header the request to index.php?action=getDashboardLayout is sending) the server can’t provide.


I think I found the solution to solve this issue.
I deleted the .htaccess file in plugin folder.

Now I can see the dashboard.


While I think the plugins/.htaccess isn’t at fault here (the request isn’t in the plugins/ directory), I am happy you were able to solve your issue.


Thanks for your quick support.