Which Time Zone


Hi. I monitor multiple sites using Piwik, - and I often wonder what time GMT time is. I know which timezone Iโ€™m in :-), but summer/winter time makes me wonder anyway, - and I often end up seeing my sites getting hits from tomorrow, - or receiving hits for tomorrow half an hour before midnight. Trial and error will eventually help me :slight_smile: but would it be possible to show the current GMT time in the page where I control the timezone for my websites, - under website management under settings ? This would make it a lot easyer to see what my gmt+ setting should be. Kim Igel. (and mainly because my country doesnt change daylight savings at the same date GMT does I end up with this problem ยด4 times a year)

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

GMT is same as UTC and Piwik displays the time in the Websites Edit screen (in the help tooltip)


Ah, had never noticed, - thankyou.