Which statistic is right?

Hey There,
so I got an (massive) Problem.

While upgrading to 1.2 AND switching to cronjob the piwik statistics are different.

I’d added some Screenshot, cant explain it good, but here’s a try: in “all websites”-dashboard are other statistics than under “WEBSITE XY > Visitors > Visitors” (using Piwik in German so may my “translation” is incorrect).

So the difference will grow, if i set higher the intervall of the cron-job… Actually the cronjob is running each 10 Minuts, but i read to set him to each day once, for low frequented websites :? How high the differenc will be if i set it up to this big intervall?

The statistics from yesterday are right. The current day is always a bit off.

Never noticed this befor, i can’t belive this was ever happend befor^^

So I’am gone through it, it’s not “a bit off”. If I run archive.sh once a day, theres 24h off. So the difference grows with each minute archive.sh is not running. If i start archive.sh manualle, it’ll be synchronized.

Is there no way to fix this issue?

Thanks for supporting me :slight_smile:

If you want real time stats, you must run archive.sh more oftent than 24 hours, or enable “UI Trigger archiving:” in the General Settings

Can you explain why this is such an problem to show synchronized Statistics?
I’d runed the CronJob each 5 minutes, this ends up in an 7 hours downtime today while having no SSH-acces from my office.
(Thanks to an friend who access the server and fix all the problems)

Now my friend advises me to run the cronjob just two times per Day, but this ends up in “4 visits @ all websites” and “11 visits @ visitor-log”…

And: yeah, I have really low traffic sites :slight_smile:

thanks for some support matt :slight_smile:

If you have low traffic sites, dont bother running archiving, you don’t need it, it will be fast enough when you check stats in the browser

No it wouldn’t. Last time the JS took !16 seconds! to load&run, then i turned on the archiving.

Even if it isn’t nessesary, there is an bug, or not? I think there is an bug, the statistic isn’t correct at this point.