Which server send the scheduled e-mail reports?

Hi all,
We have two matomo servers that works as a cluster behind LB.
Lately we stopped getting scheduled e-mail reports.
Apparently when trying to send email via the web interface its works fine.
I’m trying to debug the problem. Our Matomo version is 3.13.0.
BTW, our web matomo interface is working only on one of the servers while the archiving happen on the second one.

  1. How can I know from which server it send the report?
  2. what could be the problem and how to debug it?

Thanks for all.


The scheduled reports are sent when the cronjob is running, so they should be sent from the server that runs the core:archive and with php-cli.

So maybe your php.ini for php-cli differs and is unable to send the mail

Check out https://matomo.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_34856/ and also see if you can alternatively use SMTP for sending mails.