Which measurement is more accurate? Google od matomo?

Which data should I trust? google ads claims different conversion data than matomo. The number of visitors from advertising is the same. But Ads says conversion value is 250k. Matomo claims the conversion value is 150k. How am I supposed to understand that?

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The discrepancy you’re seeing is not because of the tool, but because of the attribution method every tool uses, that is different.

Google Ads attributes conversions for every clic that comes after an ad click, in the time window of the attribution cookie (usually 30 days).

Matomo attributes conversions to every channel on a last-click model, so only direct conversions gets attributed.

You may be interested in looking into indirect conversions in Matomo, but these are reported only if you’re using Matomo Cloud or you’re paying for the plugin license if you’re On Premise.

Thing is: if you take into account indirect conversions in Matomo, the numbers should be in line with what’s being reported in GAds.

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I thought so. But I didn’t want to tell in advance :slight_smile:
can you send me a link to the matomo plugin you are talking about?


I read the description of the plugin and it makes us even more confused :slight_smile:
Can you simply explain to me what I see for example on the “Attribution Report 3 Model”?

Hi @marvays
This report is just used to compare the conversion of users based on:

  1. Last interaction: The full credit of a conversion goes to the last interaction.
  2. First interaction: The full credit of a conversion goes to the first interaction.
  3. Linear: The credit of a conversion is shared equally across all interactions. If there are for example 5 visits, each channel / referrer gets 20% of the credit.


Bus as the displayed sample might be based on fake data, the difference between each attribution model is not big…