Which cookies does Piwik create?


Hi (again :slight_smile: )!

I’m very interested in privacy and this is why I’m using Piwik. I’m currently working on my site’s privacy information and cookie policy and wondered what cookies Piwik places and for what. I didn’t find such an overview - can someone help me out?
I’m especially interested in _pk_ses… - what is it used for?

Thanks in advance!

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See the list at: What are the cookies created by Piwik JavaScript Tracking client? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi Matt,

thank you for the link - I should have found it myself!
Unfortunately, it doesn’t really explain what those cookies are used for. :frowning:

so long … Nicolai

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This FAQ may help bit more (I just added it yesterday): What data does Piwik track? - Analytics Platform - Matomo