Which cookie consent plug-in to use that works with Matomo

We are using Cookiebot https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/cookiebot/ on our website but is unfortunately not compatible with Matomo.
What plug-in do you recommend for a cookiebar, cookie consent plug-in?
Is https://wordpress.org/plugins/complianz-gdpr/ a good alternative?


Every consent plugin should be compatible with Matomo as long as it allows you to execute Javascript at various points of the user interaction.

You can read https://developer.matomo.org/guides/tracking-consent for more information on what Javascript needs to be executed for Matomo to understand when a user e.g. has opt-in to the tracking.

Thanks for your reply, although it’s not easy for not programmers.
I found this tutorial to make it work: https://support.cookiebot.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017539960-Matomo-deployment
Following the tutorial I cannot save the tag, no visible errors so it seems not possible for me to get the combination matomo/ Cookiebot working.
I do understand its difficult for anybody to know what went wrong here but I am happy with a good suggestion.

I’ve tested Complianz a few days ago, actually, and it does pick up on Matomo’s cookies and will list them as analytics cookies. The other one I’ve tested so far I think is GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee, and they didn’t pick up on Matomo’s cookies.

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I can’t really give support for other peoples products (especially if they are commercial products and not Open Source).

The only consent manager I’m slightly familiar with is Klaro. It is Open Source and their documentation uses Matomo as an example.


Through the helppage of Matomo I had a reaction from Thomas Steur. He helpt me with the solution:
He suggested to add below line to “wp-config.php”

define(‘MATOMO_SAFE_MODE’, false);

This will make it work and make all menus items show up. The next update of our plugin will do this automatically (the next update is about 2 weeks away).

So that was the solution.

Also Complianz, suggested by ErisF worked, thanks ErisF