Which actionTypes are supported by Transitions.getTransitionsForAction?

(Tom Brückner) #1

I am scratching my head about how Transitions.getTransitionsForAction actually works. The docs only state that it requires an actionType and and actionName. But it does not say which types are supported and what the name should be. I want to retrieve transitions for events, but providing “events” or “event” as the actionType did not work.

I also tried Transitions.getTransitionsForTitle now, but this yields the very same results for any title I hand over. This can also be seen on the Piwik demo server: https://demo.piwik.org/?module=API&method=Transitions.getTransitionsForPageTitle&pageTitle=novalidtitle/&idSite=7&period=day&date=today&format=JSON&token_auth=anonymous

Very strange. I got the feeling that the whole Transitions module is somewhat messed up / buggy.

(Andy Garvin) #2

I have the same question. It seems like having a ‘Transitions’ flow for events instead of actions would be very useful. As our web app is mostly a single page application, the events tell us much more about the user journey than the actual pageviews. Hopefully someone from Matomo can comment on this!