Where to upload piwik?


I am new to piwik and I read that I am supposed to upload it to a server, however I don’t completely understand. I am in charge of maintaining 4 sites. Two of them are hosted with eleven2, one with hostgator, and one with site5. If I want to track all of them does it matter where I upload the piwik database to? For example, I created a database in eleven2 and used the url for one of the websites hosted there to set up piwik. But now I am doubting myself because since it says you can add different websites after you create one I got very confused and I’m not sure if I was just supposed to upload it once and create only one database or do it for every site or what? And if it’s only once what url would I use?

Any help and/or clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

you can track all websites in one piwik: Manage Websites - Analytics Platform - Matomo