Where to find Page Name not defined in Database


Hey there,

I’m running Matomo 3.9.1

I’ve found in the page title section the following line:

As a possible explanation I found What is "page title not defined" in the Page titles report? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo . So I grepped trough my access_log an searched for something without page title. As I understand the page title is the first string after the action name, so I looked for something like

But I didn’t find what I was looking for. So I tried to find something inside the database, but coldn’t find anything.

I assume I’m running into something like javascript - Piwik Page Name Not Defined - Stack Overflow

Detected Site Search keyword ‘ban’. NOTE: The Page URL was changed / removed, during the Site Search detection, was ‘Digital Media Communications, Inc.’, now is ‘http://widgets.digitalmediacommunications.com/widget/embed/index/?p=903’ Action is a SITE_SEARCH, Action name = ban, Action URL = http://widgets.digitalmediacommunications.com/widget/embed/index/?p=903
I’m think that somehow my k=ban is triggering piwik site search feature. So when I turned off site search it worked! I will reviste this issue if I choose to work with site search someday.

Actually I would guess, that there are some page titles inside the database which are NULL, 0, or something like that. When I find them I should be able to trace back the url(s) which are causing this. I just don’t know where to look for it.

Can someone help me out?


Nobody having a clue where to find this inside the database?