Where is the Referrer Url in the dashboard?

Hello, I am working with Matomo, within a Vue.js application. I am wanting to override the referrer url, with a specific value for tracking purposes.

I am doing the following:

const entryPoint = 'Unicorns Poop Sparkles'

When sniffing the network traffic, I see the query parameter being set for urlref with the override I set:
urlref "Unicorns Poop Sparkles"

What I can not find, is where this value should show up for me in the dashboard… I assumed that I would be seeing the value in the “acquisition/All Channel” panel, but I do not see anything populated other than Direct Entry

I know that my code does work since I use this: this.$matomo.setCustomVariable(2, 'Role', provider.occupation, 'visit'), and I DO see the custom variable I set Role being populated in the dashboard and according to the docs, both methods are for modifying the tracking object.