Where is my Matomo code?

Hi, I didn’t install Matomo myself, so I don’t know where the person who helped me back then, put my Matomo Code for tracking. It’s not in the header.php, nor in the footer.php, nor in any other php-file. I don’t use a plugin for Matomo. Has anybody got an idea where I can find the code to make adjustments?


Well this is something only you can answer. But I can give you a few tips:

  • What CMS are you using?
  • If you use something like Linux, you can use grep -r matomo to search through all files.
  • Otherwise your favourite editor probably also has a feature to search through all files in a project

Hi Lukas, I am using Wordpress. I have searched all php-files manually. No entry. The tracking works and the code is shown on the source text. So it must be somwehere - but I have no idea where it could be …

Do you have by chance installed the WP-Matomo/WP-Piwik wordpress plugin?

No, I am not using any plugin for Matomo/Piwik

Some wordpress themes/plugins have the functionality of adding arbitrary javascript to pages. If the person who helped you used something like that it will be found in the wordpress database somewhere (probably inside the wp_options table, but could be anywhere really)