Where I should set my piwik Tracking code?!



I have Piwik Tracking code
I read document and it say that I should set above body tag !
My Question is where is above body tag? In the head tag?! or not?!



From the docs:

so best in the footer before the closing body tag.


All of my pages are static and html
I don’t know where i should set , Give me an example please :



<p>Your content here</p>

//Piwik Code here


Does not work


There could be numerous things wrong, you’ll have to be more specific.


How I can test my Piwik?!
I mean how i can open a link of my piwik in url and see change in my piwik admin?!


My table piwik_log_visit has any row and empety


When i go to piwik.php?idsite=1 i have any record