Where does piwik databse lies in mysql

I am trying to look for piwik db but it is not seen in mysql.Can i know where does it located in mysql?am using RHEL


Piwik saves it’s data in the database you specified in the setup. You can check the config/config.ini.php to find out how it’s named.

can yu litttle elaborate on this because i searched for db in php.ini but i could not find anything.How to see log data in the server


The settings aren’t in the php.ini but in Piwiks configuration file in the config folder of your Piwik folder.

I got the db name but when i queried in mysql,it is not listing the piwik db


Can can help much from remote without knowing you system.

But Piwik doesn’t do anything special. It uses MySQL exactly the same way as any other major PHP application

What could be the reason for not able to connect to piwik db mysql?