Where did Segments go in 2.11.0?

I know this article specifies the changes, but it seems that the Segments have taken a HUGE step backwards! I’d rather define a segment and navigate through the reports, than have to choose a report and navigate through the segments. Horribly counter-intuitive and broken. Where is the documentation on this?

I have no idea what you’re talking about - can you describe the issue in other words?

Surely…there used to be a “Segments” box next to the date where you could build or modify a particular segment that you wanted to follow/report on, and was populated with “All Visits” by default. This allowed me to (just like the date) set a segment and report on it across all areas of Piwik. However, the Segments box is no longer there. Now there is an “Open Segmented…blah, blah”, but only on some of the reports. I can no longer show the segments that I had built, which makes the product a lot less useful, at least to me. If there is a way to again create and show Segmented data across all reports I’d love to know exactly where it is.

EDIT: screenshots of old (working) and new (undesireable) segments

I found the issue. Segments are now configured as a plug-in and were not activated.