Where can I find the Referrer Manager?

Hi there,
we are using Matomo as an on-premise solution and added the Referrer Manager plugin to our installation. However, I cannot find any hint at the manager in Matomo. Ich checked the entire settings but am not able to see any section that allows me to use the referrer manager.

Could you help me and tell me what I need to do?
Thanks and best regards


On the admin page, you should have a “Search engines and social networks” entry:


BTW: If you think the social network or search engine you would like to add is useful for every Matomo user, feel free to contribute them here: https://github.com/matomo-org/searchengine-and-social-list

Hi and thanks for your quick response. For what reason ever I did not find it before. Logged myself out, cleared cache and cookies, now it works.

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