When does Matomo calculate metrics?

I have been trying to work on my site’s bounce rates as discussed in another thread.
My question is, when I go to Behaviour → Pages

When exactly are the bounce rate and exit rate metrics calculated? Are the metrics processed immediately? I am willing to bet they are not. Because when I create scenarios where the bounce rate should be a 100% and immediately (or within a 30 minute window) look at the metrics, where I expect bounce rate to be a 100%, it shows 0% but when I look at the weekly report next week, I see the bounce rate actually tracking as it should.

I am led to ask this question because because I have noticed that Visits in real-time dont start showing up till its 0001 UTC - so 1001 hours my time. I am on the AEST timezone. Which makes me think the metrics aren’t real time, in my timezone. I need to set expectations with the business on when they can see the real metrics - so I need some thing more concrete than my assumptions.

When I go to Behaviour-> Pages at about 1100 my time, for the actions done till now, the page says

When are the reports processed, is the question.

Ideally you will have a cron job setup to archive the reports For more details see here: https://matomo.org/faq/on-premise/how-to-set-up-auto-archiving-of-your-reports/

But a full break down on archiving behaviour can be found here: https://developer.matomo.org/guides/archiving-behavior-specification