What's wrong with Developer documentation?

I’m trying to file a pull request for updating translations page on developers documentation website.

The summary (Matomo 4.X dropdown menu version) claims:

how to make your contribution to Matomo (formerly Piwik) Core available in other languages**

When I click «Edit on Github» i get to

This is correct, but the summary claims (live branch):

how to make your contribution to Piwik Core available in other languages**

I’m confused.

Did you set a deploy script replacing the word [space]Piwik[Space] with Matomo (formerly Piwik) by regex?

Afaik it’s replace automatically. Guess it would have been too much work to replace that everywhere manually.

It would be great if we could replace that script one day with editing all files.

There are still I think a few cases where it breaks the code by replacing the Piwik:: class.

Ok thanks! Much clear now :sweat_smile: I was going crazy lol!
In the next hours I push my fixes in the documentation.
In my opinion using a Regex parsing with a “per file” supervision, inside an IDE (vscode?) should be enough effort.
In most cases, something like “\sPiwik(,|.|.\s)?\s” would match, look at this example