Whats the recommended way to move /config/config.ini.php to another folder?


because of the way we are distributing our systems to different domains, we need to move the matomo config-file /config/config.ini.php to another folder.

Whats the recommended way to do so?

Inside the class “config”, I found the constant DEFAULT_LOCAL_CONFIG_PATH which I could change. I know that I need to change it every time I update Matomo, but that would be fine, we got approved ways to do so.

But it seems the path and filename for /config/config.ini.php is hardwired in other places (like in /config/global.php or /core/nonce.php) which are not using the constant but the string config/config.ini.php instead, thats why I don’t know which consequences a change of DEFAULT_LOCAL_CONFIG_PATH would have.

Could there be security-issues chaning DEFAULT_LOCAL_CONFIG_PATH? What should I do?

Ah, I found the solution: I added:
define(‘PIWIK_USER_PATH’, ‘/my/new/path/’);
to bootstrap.php, this works fine.