What's the best way to track visitors review/rating for a page?

The idea is that visitors are able to rate a single webpage regarding its usefulness. Imagine content block at the bottom of a page like “Was this page helpful? Yes / No”. Or like a 5-star-review widget.

What’s the best way to collect this information in Matomo with only the standard features?

The data ultimately should reveal how often each page was rated helpful/not helpful.

Some idea I have considered is ‘event tracking’, but it seems to me that there I only get to see how often ‘something’ was rated helpful/not helpful, but not what page. Also, visitors should be able to rate different pages differently (page 1 helpful, page 2 not helpful, page 3 no rating etc.) Also, Matomo’s ‘content tracking’ feature might be an option, but I have no experience with collecting this kind of data yet.

Thanks for your ideas/thoughts!

Event category: (page category)
Event action: Rating
Event name: (page name or path)
Event value: (the value of the rating given by the user)

With the standard parameters you should already have everything you’ll possibly need measuring.

Plus: aggregate per Event name, then divide total event value / total events and you’ll have average rating per page.


Thank you @kal , I will try this out!

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Another idea: track the “Actual rating” as a hit-level custom metric when sending the pageviev hit.

This way you can track the “Average rating” OVER TIME by doing “Actual rating” / “Page views”

(too bad that Matomo doesn’t support calculated metrics in the GUI, you’ll need to calculate them yourself elsewhere, e.g. in a dataviz tool such as Looker Studio)

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Hi @buschord
I just saw that some days ago:

I don’t know if this is free or paid plugin…