What's the best way to track form conversions as goals?

I would like to track some form conversions (i.e. successful submissions) as goals. What’s the best way to do that? I know MTM has the trigger “Form submission”, but I guess that is triggered by unsuccessful form submissions as well?

You can either trigger a goal event on the “thank you” page of the submission via an MTM goal tag. Or, still on the “thank you” page of the submission send a custom event (either via _paq scripting or via MTM) that will be recognized as goal by Matomo server…

Thanks, Philippe! I wonder whether it’s just us, but I should think that successfully filling in a form is often a goal. Why not make “form conversion” capable of triggering a goal, just as an “event” is capable of doing that?

In our case the “thank you” message is a modal that is loaded with the page and becomes visible after successful form submit through the change of an attribute value. How can I catch that with the Tag Manager?

So as long as the form is not completed, the modal is sitting on the page like this:

<div style="invisible">...</div>

After form completion, it changes into

<div style="visible">...</div>

Either with a custom event sent by JavaScript (and catch by an MTM Custom event trigger), or thanks to:

Can I set a custom event trigger to trigger at any call of _paq.push([‘FormAnalytics::trackFormConversion’]), no matter what other parameters?

I think this code is just used to run the form conversion tracking, then it won’t solve your problem… (and there is no trigger on this)