What the Hell: new "All Websites" sucks

(Oliver Lippert) #1

Hey there,
sorry for the header but I’am a little pissed on.

What’s up to Piwik, don’t took away usefull functions with an Update, give a choice for Change… pleas switch your developement-engagement…

What is pissing me on? “Visits”, “Actions” and “Revenue”… what the hell? “Revenue”???
My private Websites don’t give me some Revenue, I would like to seee “Visitors” furthermore.

On Piwik 1.4 there where “Visits”, “Actions” and “Uniqu Visitors”, that was helpfull for me, now it isn’t anymore.

Pleas give me an statement!? Is Piwik now just for commercial use? Isn’t it Visitor-Tracking? Why do you start to move it to comercial-tracking so much?

(Linda) #2

Me too! I just upgraded to Piwik 1.5 and was dismayed to find the Unique Visitors column had disappeared. This is the only column I use. I had read the change log and didn’t see any warning about this change. I would not have upgraded if I had known. Searching all settings, but I don’t find a way to control the columns on “All Websites”. Please put this data back. It’s very difficult to find on the other reports. So now all my tracking is broken.

(Oliver Lippert) #3

You can find it easily in the visitors overview, but not for all websites on one overview, you have to move through all websites… i do track arround 10 websites, that are a lot of clicks :confused:

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

We hope to improve the All Websites in the future, the problem is that every user wants to see something different, and Revenue is very important for all users using Goals or Ecommerce.

We will add some customization options in the future hopefully, thanks for your feedback

(Oliver Lippert) #5

Just this (every user wants to see diferent things) should tell you: Customization-Options. Where is the Problem?

I’am a software-developer, coding isn’t a small thing in my life, I think, if Piwik is well done (and I think that :)) adding an option to select what to see shouldn’t that hard.

Hopefully to see such an Option in Piwik 1.5.1 really fast, one of my other Piwik-Users just asked for the old all-websites.

Thanks for taking action.

(Linda) #6

Dear Matt,

I can understand wanting to see the revenue column. And I can understand everyone wanting different features. But why take away an existing column? That’s an entirely different thing. Is it really limited to four columns? You’ve destroyed my whole workflow. I have 10-20 sites that I look at every day. I scan down the All Websites unique visitors to see which sites I want to go into. It’s way too many clicks to get from the individual reports. I did read the Release Notes, but must have missed this change.


(syaz) #7

I have mad respect to Piwik devs for being able to go through these kinds of threads and keep the composure.

Guys it’s really not that hard to maintain your own version of Piwik while waiting for the requested feature next version(s) after you have requested the feature politely. I add these little things myself and keep the version in my own SVN keeping it up-to-date with latest piwik until piwik implements it, at which point I stop using my own version. It don’t take much time as it’s mostly copy-paste-edit.

Nothing challenging for you know, “software-developer”.

(Oliver Lippert) #8

Hey syaz,
I don’t want to say “I would never do an mistake” or “I’am god on Programming”.
It’s just that I know code and thought how I would implement such a view, and then it shouldn’t a big change.

I can also change it on my own, but this action, taking a really usefull feature away, is crapy.

I did a lot of Support to members in this forum, I start to host an multi-user/multi-site Piwik for everyone to test it on his own. So I spend a lot of time to Piwik.
I think I don’t just get the right to help someone, I also got the right to be a little bit angry and also to say that.

Clearly: I can create a SVN-patch-file and on each new version of piwik I took this patch-file, but that isn’t it. The way to implement a choice for the user is much better :slight_smile:

(Matthieu Aubry) #9

We would like to work on “customization/settings” but we have too much other planned work for a while. You can contribute improvements to the dashboard, see: http://piwik.org/participate/development-process/

(vipsoft) #10

Oliver: You have Matt’s blessing! Start with the 1.4 Multisites code – it should work with a little tweaking.

(Oliver Lippert) #11

matt: What’s up to Piwik?
I know, I’am just one of thousands of tonns of user’s. But does this give a right to Piwik, to take away usefull Data? Piwik currently is on a bad trip.

Updated to 1.5.1, hoping to see visitors in “All Websites”… nothing found. OK, but where are “Visitors” now? Someone just removed him also from the Visitors-Overview. What?

So whats up? I’am a little pissed of, doesn’t thought that a OpenSource Community-Tool could do such a crap. Sorry for writing here, but I think may my Feedback give you some points to work on.

Hoping for beeing happy someday again while decieded to use Piwik.

(Thomas Seifert) #12

Its not feedback that you are giving there, its ranting.

(Oliver Lippert) #13

Maybe… thats possible. It just don’t get in my head, why this usefull information is banned out of Piwik. And than may I’am not able to be “cool” and write nice sentences with “maybe it would be good for some users to implement it again, that would be really nice”…
Sometimes hard words are helpfull, sometimes not. But I would like to say clearly, that this is an “no go” for me.

Sorry if I blame someone, you may all know that I did some support to other users in here, so I can be a nice person :slight_smile: