What is the current best nginx config?

The nginx config linked here;


Isn’t updated in about 2 years and i was wondering if this is still the best nginx config for the latest piwik version :slight_smile:

It should still work fine as many users are using it. If you have any feedback or problem, please create issue in the Piwik nginx project’s issue tracker.

I used this nginx config but made some adjustments. I will create an issue with improvements soon!

Do you mean this?

I am trying to use it, but I’m stuck with a first error that I solved commenting out the offending line:

"expires" directive is duplicate in /etc/nginx/apps/piwik/proxy_piwik_cache.conf:30

and a second issue that I can’t locate:

"proxy_cache" zone "proxycache" is unknown in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:133

According to the Readme "proxy_cache" zone "proxycache" is only used with Apache, while I use the default PHP FPM and /var/cache/nginx/fcgicache.
I suspect there’s some include directive I’m missing, any idea? I’m on Debian stable 8.4

Issue fixed. I found the offending include :slight_smile:
In /etc/nginx/apps/piwik/piwik.conf
comment out line 62

include apps/piwik/proxy_piwik_cache.conf;

I still have SSL mixed content issues, the site is https but the images are http.


We will very much appreciate if you can report the feedback and improvements upstream in the nginx project tracker :+1: Issues · perusio/piwik-nginx · GitHub

Sorry but since then I have destroyed the environment and would not be able to provide any actionable input.

I ended up using a default nginx/php-fpm configuration which works well inder scarce resources and a medium load.