What is special about Piwik?


I have been using Google Analytics for tracing my blog autoejukeytur for the past four months. And it is working fairly well. Today, I accidentally discovered Piwik. I would like to know more about Piwik in terms of how it differs from Google Analytics and what additional benefits do I get by using Piwik. I ask this question in the forum since I don’t have much technical knowledge of experience in the web development of blogging arena, I am a newbie, but I am in the relentless pursuit to learn more. I hope Piwik’s experts would be kind enough to help me out in this regard.

Hi autoejukeytur!

Well I am no expert, just a guy trying to give something back to the community. But this is how I see it:

  1. Real time web analytics reports.
  2. You own your web analytics data.
  3. Modern, easy to use User Interface.
  4. Vibrant international Open community of more than 100,000 active users (tracking even more websites!)

Number 2 and 4 is most important if you ask me ^.^ Not to mention that Piwik is pure fun to use. I wouldn´t be surprised if Google has more features but I can´t say that I miss them, Piwik gives me what I need.

Sooooo, welcome to the community :wink:
Hans Roberto

when i set up google analytics i put the code in my WP editor, not on each page. would i still be able to use the editor?

Dejra http://solarandwind-greenenergy.com

You might want to check out the list of features in Piwik, the full featured open source analytics software!

Dejra, yes it’s the same as GA.

I use Piwik parallel to Analytics having about 3 mil. actions each month and I also agree to those two advantages:

Moreover, I find Piwik interface and access to data more intuitive - without strange Analytics’ profile/account/etc structure.
Of course, Analytics is not worse as it has some great functionality and data presentation charts - especially after recent updates.