What is best load balancing practice for piwik?


What is the best load balancing practice for piwik?


all current doc is in: How to configure Piwik for security - Analytics Platform - Matomo

if you have suggestion to improve please let us know!

Hi ,

We have implemented load balancer environment as follows

We have configured piwik on 2 web servers(IIS) having own piwik databases installed and one UI server having own database for viewing reports.These servers have circular replication in between them.There is implemented load balancing(layer 7 load balancers)environment for web servers to handle requests.
Load balancer has cookies enabled to handle same browsing sessions requests.
Also web servers databases are configured for auto increment id’s so that one db server will generate odd id’s and one will generate even id’s so that replication work well.

We are tracking total 4 million requests per day for different websites.

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Saqib Ali


In my previous post I have mentioned 4 million requests per day that piwik was capturing,It was actually .4 million(4 Lakhs) per day.

Now a days our maximum hit rate is 1.3 million per day and piwik is working great.

Thanks to all piwik community. :slight_smile:

Saqib Ali

Thanks again to matomo community. We are using matomo 3.4.0 , started journey from piwik 1.12 :slight_smile:

Now a days our average hit rate is 8million per day and is working great.

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