What is analizer.js?

I’m new to the forum (Newbie!), And I have a question!

I visited a website which contain

And I was wondering if this script related to a analytics service matomo is providing?

Thanks a lot!! (^_^)

Apparently the code was deleted …
So heres a screen shot of what I meant

Can you display:

  • The content of the analizer.js file
  • 2 or 3 lines of code before the <noscript> tags and also the content of this tag


Yes, of course

Here is the extended content:

When you try to access the script

This script seems to not be part of Matomo. And no idea what it could be :thinking:

Very strange…
If I could provide more information about the situation,
It could help you find out what the script is?
Because it’s really odd that it says “matomo code” in the beginning and end of the code…

Where did you find this?
If a website (that you don’t manage) has been wrongly built, I think you can’t do anything…