What do Contents.getContentNames and Contents.getContentPieces return?


Can anyone tell us what these 2 API calls return?

  1. Contents.getContentNames(idSite, period, date, segment = ‘’, idSubtable = ‘’)
  2. Contents.getContentPieces(idSite, period, date, segment = ‘’, idSubtable = ‘’)

We are using Content tracking code to track the impression and interaction on certain images on our site.

We need to retrueve: 1) # of impressions on an image; 2) # of clicks on an image.

Also - we have multiple images on 1 site, and we have assigned different “data-content-name” HTML attributes to them. In these API calls above, there is no reference of “data-content-name” mentioned - so how do we retrieve the tracking info for EACH image?

Can someone provide more info on this?


Hi Claudia,

I found the answer here 301 Moved Permanently

Btw, forum etiquette is to ask question only once :slight_smile: