What are the differences caused by PrivacyManager.anonymizeSomeRawData method?


I was using before PrivacyManager.deleteDataSubjects(visits) to delete all the visits of a specific user, but after talking with my co-worker the best way is to keep the data for the statistics itself, so we dont delete the data, and we will only anonymize the user data using userId as parameter.

I did call this method using the following arguments:


And it called with sucess and I got a response from the API:
success message=“OK”.

Anyway I went to the visit log and the visits are there (as supposed), but I didnt found any difference, what kind of data will be anonymized? Do I need to pass extra arguments to identify columns and specific raw data to anonymize?
Thanks a lot in advance!



Does it anonymize the user’s data during all time, or only on the date of the specific period time sent in query URL?

Any information on this? Can’t find any answer in the docs :confused: