Weird output from

Since a few weeks, when I trigger

sh /srv/www/vhosts/ > /dev/null
it takes ages processing the archive and I get strange outputs like this one:

þ)ùaJÃâdÃÃ@øNÂÂOÃ`Ãdphw),[908] => Array ([0] => 103,[1] => 1,[2] => 2011-05-27,[3] => 2011-05-27,[4] => 1,[5] => 2011-05-27 21:27:36,[6] => Actions_actions_url_1549,[7] => xÂMÂÃNÃ0

Whats going wrong?


Are you using latest version of Piwik?

Yes , 1.4.

What is the full output? can you please put in or something?

Unable to post the full shell-output. It runs down my screen for about half a hour like in ‘Matrix’. Very spacey…

Check your shell’s terminal encoding.

Can´t be the encoding. Didn´t change it, and the same happens on three different PCs…

I managed to copy a liitle bit of the output from Putty:
I already tried to delete the archives and start a rebuild, doesn´t help.

I forgot to mention one thing: Recently Piwik tried to send me a 2.5gigabyte mail:
This is the beginning of that mail, had to delete it from the server.


Piwik couldn’t create the csv file for batch insertion.

turn off safe mode or fix the directory/file ownership privs in tmp/assets

Thanks for the report. At least, in the next version, the error message will be a lot smaller if there is a problem, making it easier to see the message.

Thx for the help, will try that!


Dear all,

i’m actually facing a similar problem since the update to Piwik 1.4.

I was also using the cron job, but the shell script call with the cron job puts out around 8-10MB of data. As Plesk is sending an eMail every time a cronjob is done, i was receiving all this rubbish output as a 10MB eMail every 30 minutes.

I needed to deactivate the cronjob … any suggestions for a hotfix of this are highly appreciated.


EDIT: I traced the output in a text file and also found the error message: The last Plesk update seems to have activated the safe_mode in the php.ini. After changing it to “off”, the problem is gone. Thanks for the hints!


Thx for the help, archiving process works fine now!