Weekly report sent Monday...then again Tuesday


Running 2.1 with Cron archive running without errors. I have 2 websites with emailed reports sent weekly at 1am.

I get the the 2 weekly reports on Monday morning at 01:05am but the dates show for the previous to last week.

Then Tuesday at 01:05am I get the last weeks report.

A bit confused as to why I am getting 2 weeks ago report on the Monday and last weeks report on the Tuesday.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Let me know if it keeps happening every week. It’s possible it does that for the first week because it tries to send the previous finished week’s report.


The same happened this week, 17-23 March on Monday, 24-30 March on Tuesday. However I did delete all the reports mid last week and re enter them to see if that was the problem so if your suggestion is right that would explain this weeks double report.

I will report back next week to see if the reports return to one per week.