Websites Not Tracking after Domain Move

I had to move all my websites to a larger server and decided to move piwik to a different domain name. I follow the instructions via the piwik faqs and everything work fine transferring the database uploading the old piwik folder and modifying the config file. Everything worked for a couple weeks but after a major glitch in joomla I deleted the all the file and folders in the webspace and reinstall everything and uploaded everything again BUT this time none of the websites are being tracked.

So I started over deleted everything and tried it again like I did the first time; transferring the database uploading the old piwik folder and modifying the config file. But still not tracking any of the domains.

Not sure what changed but I need to figure it out.


Before you are deleting anything I’d recommend you to start with debugging if the data is sent to Piwik.

So open one of your websites in a browser and:

  • (obvious) check if the tracking code is included and it points to the domain of your piwik instance
  • open the JavaScript console and check if there are any errors
  • open the network tab of your browsers developer tools and check if any request fail
  • check in the network tab if there is a request including piwik.js and one including piwik.js (and both don’t fail)

Error: Network error. 8296b23bfe3236af91f8bde00032f7c0.js:23:55241
GET [HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden 49ms]

I tried in the browser it does give a 403 error

The piwik.php file looks good I can edit it and it has the right permissions

I tried it looks like it wanted to work said something about and invalid certificate. The I click continue anyways and it redirected back to


Can you check if there are any .htaccess files lying around that may block the request? I thing the error log of your webserver should tell you why he responds with a Forbidden.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your all help!

It was the .htaccess file.

Now I just have to find out what in it is causing the issue.