Website translation?

(alexbad) #1


I’m part of the Site du Zéro’s staff, a french website about computering (more than 8 millions pages view/month). I would be interested in writing something about Piwik, but as I can see the website is still only available in english (or maybe I missed something ?)

Are you looking for people to help you in doing tranlations for the website ? That I could help you with.

I searched for topics about translation in the Developer Zone, but found nothing.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Alex,
thanks for your help! Piwik is an international open source project, english is easiest for everybody to understand. We don’t have plans to provide a translation for the website yet, as this would be too much work to maintain. However if you want to write on your website, about Piwik, or even translate some bits of the website, that would be great!
For example, translating some of the FAQ, posting a blog post about Piwik, etc. Let us know!