Website IP shown in place of visitor's IP!

(Wacked_by_Piwik) #1

I have my piwik installation showing the Website IP rather than the visitor’s IP.

It is installed on a OpenCart system and it shows Provider: Ltd [] in all visitors, but the flag shows OK - I tested it with known visitors.

Any idea?



Are you using the PHP Tracking API?
There you must manully set the IP via


(Wacked_by_Piwik) #3

How/where do I set it on OpenCart - correctly?
I think it was set within the header php - I will check if it is correct.


(Wacked_by_Piwik) #4

I obviously know where to put that code - I asked a stupid question.

This morning, clear mind [from problems - see below].

I had by mistake deleted the header.php from catalog/controller/common !
Therefore created me some ‘other’ problems with a Hackers defence which I slowly fixed + the fact I did not have a Piwik API in header.php.

Silly me!

Foa ny other with similar problem, put the code within the header - it seems to work perfectly now.

I know of others using it in the footer.php [it should be fine too]

It had taken 14 days [of hell] with my ADSL host to have them call out BT to fix line, which they did within 2 days!
They do not believe a experience Electronics and IT Technician with 35 years experience in Telecommunications - plonkers!