website has been deleted in matomo "Manage Websites" not in website tracking code, still tracking this website?

In Matomo “Manage Websites”, one website has been deleted, but in website javascript tracking code the matomo server has not been changed or deleted. As my understanding the tracking should not work for this website but the tracking for this website still be stored into matomo server.
Is there any method to do the “real delete”? Because sometimes we can not change the website codes.

There is of course no possibility for Matomo to delete the tracking code from your external webpage. But if the website does not exist anymore, these calls should be dismissed by the Matomo instance?

Thank your reply.
The website is still existing, just not be traced by this matomo.
If I change or delete the tracing code in website then the Matomo should not trace this website,

That is correct. No tracking code, not tracking. There might still be some users that have it cached, but you can ignore them. We removed the tracking from one of our sites for 14 days now and still are getting ~1-3 visits a day.