Website Admin

Hey there,

got over 800 Websites within Piwik (and growing) - now when I load the Website Admin Page there are troubles with loading the Page because it get’s really big …
FF ask me if I want to stop the “zombie” JS because of the long runtime of the Ajax Request filling the Websites.
And Memory Footprint of the Browser spikes up.
It should be considered if a Pagination with max X Websites per Page should be introduced for such large Piwik installations.

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

am I the only one with this problem?

Hi futureweb,

no you are not. Can you please try the 2.14.0-b1 release which should fix the issue?

If with 2.14.0 beta you still have the issue we need to know about it. please create an issue to developers at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi Matt,

as this is a Productive Instance with (as mentioned) several hundreds of Customers accessing it - I guess it’s better to NOT install Beta Version? :wink:
Will try with 2.14.1 or .2 then :slight_smile: