Web sites are not saved


Global websites settings are saved or, however settings for existing site are not edited, nor new sites are added.

Program writes message like added okay or edited okay.

Other settings are saved correctly.

I cleared browser cache (as suggested on this forum) and used other browsers - no change.

What can be done but editing mysql db manually?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

you must click on the green button on the right in the website row. This UI is a lot better in the next release.


Of course I click green button. It takes to edit form. then I submit it, get a message about changes saved and - nothing. No changes in site settings.


Hello all.
I have just installed Piwik for the first time. Version 1.2.2 on my server that hosts 2 websites. I tried to add a second website but the green button is not visible on the right side, only “or Cancel”.
What is wrong?


ps. I tried in both Swedish and english.

(vipsoft) #5

On IE, for some reason the Save button becomes white/invisible. We’re looking into it.


Thank´s for your support!
Firefox was OK but not IE.

Christer, Sweden