Web Cron: Your browser was unable to load the scripts of this page


I just did a fresh installation of matomo on a new webserver. I went through the installation-process without any problems, backend is working, tracking is working.

Now I want to install a web-cron as described here:

So I created an auth token and just for testing-reasons I called in my browser:

What I get is this:

It seems this is the installation page (huh? I completed installation, can access the backend, tracking is working etc…) without stylesheets, scripts and images. Looking at the source-code, it seems that the links in the page are broken:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="index.php?module=Installation&amp;action=getInstallationCss&amp;cb=....">

Since the URL is currently /matomo/misc/cron/archive.php, the link to “index.php” has to fail, because it should be /matomo/index.php.

But on the other hand, why is the installation-file shown anyway? I wanted to call the cron-script…

I’m stuck here, I did already another installation, cleaning the database and all files, but without any success. Any other ideas?

It seems the problem is I’m setting PIWIK_USER_PATH in /bootstrap.php which is not loaded in /misc/cron/archive.php before PIWIK_USER_PATH was already set by archive.php.

Link to GitHub issue: