Web browsers phasing out third party cookies and 'privacy intrusive technology'

Hi All,

I know this is an old article below, but i was wondering what the general thoughts and consensus was about using matomo post 2022 (lets say). Is there a risk that Matomo might get impacted as a result of a sweeping generalisation against 3rd parties cookies by adding a broad block to all.

Tracking technology is considered to be ‘privacy intrusive technology’ and as such ‘high risk’ so will it be harder to implement these?

Is the future of Matomo the cookie-less version only and will this even satisfy the blocking of 3rd party tags?

Interested in all opinions on this matter!



Matomo doesn’t really use third-party cookies apart from the opt-out iFrame. And even there you have https://developer.matomo.org/guides/tracking-javascript-guide#optional-creating-a-custom-opt-out-form as an alternative that sets first-party cookies.