Weak Passwort Policy / Password Enforcement / PasswordPolicyEnforcer on Matomo 5

because the password policy from Matomo was too weak in the past we installed the free plugin “PasswordPolicyEnforcer” longer time ago.
Now I migrated one test environment to Matomo 5.0.2 and realised that this plugin is allowed for Matomo 4 only and not running on Matomo 5 any longer, so as long as the developer will not update this plugin to Matomo 5, we would have the weak Matomo password policy again. This is not allowed in our company.
So at this point the weak password policy stops us to update to Matomo 5. Is there any chance that this will improved soon?

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Hi @OliverKoch
It seems this plugin is not maintained any more… (since 2020)
Maybe you can fork the project and do the updates in order to make it compatible with Matomo 5?

Also you can even publish your new version to Matomo marketplace:

Me? I am not a developer. I would expect Matomo to improve the low password security in their product.

Hi @OliverKoch
I found another plugin, that is compatible with Matomo 5:

Hi Philippe,
Password Verifier has a different function than PasswordPolicyEnforcer and is no substitute. My need is:

  • Minimum password length: 8
  • Require at least one uppercase character from Latin alphabet. (A-Z)
  • Require at least one lowercase character from Latin alphabet. (a-z)
  • Require at least one number. (0-9)
  • Require at least one symbol. (!@#$%^&*()_±={}|')

Hi @OliverKoch
Then you can add a comment in: