Warnings on core files after upgrade to php 8.2.0

I am using Matomo 4.13.0 and updated to php 8.2.0 this week. These are warnings on the core files.

I am attaching a screen shot since each warning contains a link. Just saw that last warning is a duplicate of the first warning, sorry.

PHP 8.2 is not supported yet by Matomo:

The same issue was also recently reported here:

Best to downgrade to PHP 8.1 in the meantime.

Thanks GermanKiwi, most of the functionality and reports that I use are still working so I do not have any problem waiting for the update.

@GermanKiwi - I am already on PHP 8.1. It shows that in the report (PHP 8.1.13).

Hi John, I think you’re commenting on the wrong thread. This thread was started by Jim and he’s reporting an error after updating to PHP 8.2. I included a link to your thread in my reply to Jim above. :slight_smile:

@GermanKiwi - Ok, sorry about that.

I was/am still getting the errors. As a bad, and hopefully temporary, fix I remmed out line 48 in constants.php.

That’s certainly strange. I got similar errors after I upgraded to PHP 8.2, and I then downgraded back to 8.1. The errors continued (from my cron job) for several more hours before finally stopping.