Warnings during import | GoogleAnalyticsImporter

Hi forum,
During GA import, the log receive a lot of warnings:

Encountered unknown search engine source from Google Analytics: [domain.tld]
Encountered unknown device brand: [device]. A new mapping should be added.
Encountered unknown browser: [browser]. A new mapping should be added.
Non referrer URL encountered: [domain.tld]

I’ve search for resources with no result.

Q is:

  1. Is it important to fix
  2. If so, how do we solve?

Thx in advance,


I saw similar issue there:

Hi @prathers thanks for reaching out.
Can you confirm if the GA import was successfully completed?

I can confirm that the search engine sources mentions is to be found in search engines and keywords view.
The same with the unkown browser.

Looing up the Devices view throws a ton of new WARNING:

WARNING	DevicesDetection	2022-10-12 21:36:45 UTC	68ce3	/DATA/matomo/plugins/DevicesDetection/API.php(129): Deprecated - urlencode(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated - Matomo 4.12.0

I don’t know where to look for the Non referrer URL encountered: [domain.tld] ?