Warning in Matomo Interface (ViewDataTable)

Hi there,

a client of mine receives a warning in Matomo interface for a while now and is experiencing some issues regarding incoming data at the moment.

Does anyone know what the following warning means?

WARNING: Some ViewDataTable:requestConfig properties have changed after requesting the data table. That means the changed values had probably no effect. For instance in beforeRender hook. Probably a bug? Details:Array ([changedProperties] =&gt: Array ( [request_parameters_to_modify] => (&quotformat_metrics&quot:1) ) [apiMethod] =&gt: VisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerPage [controller] = &gt: VisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerPage[viewDataTable] => cloud) (Module: VisitorInterest, Action: getNumberOfVisitsPerPage, In CLI mode: false)

Is it possible that this warning is connected with issues regarding data collection?

Hi @cjediess
The best for investigation could be look in the Matomo error log file. In it, you’ll be able to see more information about this bug…

Hi Philippe,

thank you. Is this something that can be looked at in Matomo interface or on the server?

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Hi @cjediess
Have a look at:

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