Want to use PIWIK but


Pardon my ignorance. I am new to web analytics…kind of.

I want to be able to use piwik to track usage on our internal search based product that runs on the company intranet. So our users are all internal. Our product is developed in MEAN stack (Mongo DB, Expressjs, Angularjs and Nodejs) and it interrogates an Apache Solr search engine. We want to be able to track usage on it. On Wikipedia it says that piwik supports MySQL (only) thus making it friendly with the AMP stack. But what about MEAN stack? Will it be able to log data in a Mongo DB database? I know that it can do weblogs, but can it record to Mongo? Also, does it run in a separate web server on a separate port?

Appreciate the help!



piwik can run in a separate server
if have have web page and if you are able to put some code somewhere, you can use piwik…


Thank You. Here is a quick follow-up question…

How does PIWIK handle concurrency of capturing usage events? In other words, if I have two web application servers and PIWIK is running on both, will it successfully capture activity from both servers and record it in MySQL without any loss or data duplication?



Hum … I think that you must read doc and try…

I have Many web site on one server and other many web site on many server.
only one piwik server and it track all of them…

(and each web site have a specific code)
but you must read the manual…


yes you can , by the way , you always have the choice to change