Want to remove real time visitors map from dashboard

HI Team,

I want to remove Real Time Visitors Map from my Dashboard’s but I am unable to remove.
so kindly help me for fix this issue.


Akhilesh Tiwari


What happens if you click the close button in the top right corner:

Is there any error in your browsers javascript console?

Edit: see below

If you are referring to the large live map, then you could try disabling the UserCountryMap plugin (but that would also remove all other maps).

Or you could write a plugin that removes the entry from the side menu.

Similar to https://developer.matomo.org/guides/menus you can remove any entries (but that just removes the link, not the page when visited by the URL)

Hi @Lukas,

When I am clicking on Visitors -> Real Time Map I am unable to remove that map.
if I click on the close button in the top right corner, I am able to close but my requirements is to remove Real Time Map from visitors menu(Visitors -> Real Time Map).


Akhilesh Tiwari