Wait for matomo request to finish (Callback/Event?)

Is there a callback I can use to see if trackPageView has been executed?
Reason: I am changing the url to remove GET-Parameters such as fbclid, but I don’t want to remove them before the page view has been tracked. If I remove them before, then Matomo will track the “clean” url.


The third parameter of trackPageView should be exactly this:

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Thanks! I found this as well, but how is it possible to use this with


I tried the following, which doesn’t work though

_paq.push(['trackPageView', undefined, function() { console.log("hi"); }]);
_paq.push(['trackPageView', { callback: foobar }]); // also doesnt work

Lukas mentioned the callback as the 3rd argument, but in your 1st example you used it as the 2nd one…


Ahh, of course, ‘trackPageView’ is not the 1st parameter :open_mouth:
Thanks guys!

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