VPN - Geolocate

(Marta Medrano) #1


I’am working on VPN enviroment. I want to track the GeoIp Location. I successfully configured Geoip (php)

But there is not information about the location. If i check my ip here: Your IP Address's GeoIP2 Data | MaxMind, it shows me the right location.

We have anonymized the last two bytes and check to use the entire ip to geolocate:

But we don’t know why it doesn’t gelocate our ips.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


What exactly do you mean via VPN environment?
Is the Matomo server only reachable from the intranet and you use an VPN to connect to it?

In that case that is expected as the Matomo server only sees the internal IP that of course doesn’t contain any clues on where you are from (as you are from inside the network)

(Marta Medrano) #3


Yes, the server is reachable from the intranet and I use an VPN to connect it.

Ok,I understood that it is impossible with the default configuration because there are only internal ip’s but I have seen that there is a way to configure the internal ip’s to match them throw one location: with the plugin Intranet Geo Ip.

Many thanks for the information,