Vistor log ip address link to

I’m constantly copy/pasting the ip address from my visitor log into to get a better idea of where the visitor is located. Can an update make the link automatic?

I saw that there is a geoip plugin, but don’t see it listed in the plugin list to try out.


you have to manually install the geoip plugin from the plugin page in the developer area.

I think analytics is enough good for this matter. But if you want to more detailed adress information i do not know about it.

I do not try yandex static program but i heard it is better and more detailed.

I have the same problem. It’s tedious! And I really don’t know where to start. I’d love to know more about the visitors of my site. Thanks!


as there are administrators and users of piwik around the world it is in my eyes not usefull to connect to a external webpage that is only in english.