Visits Over Time Suggestion -- Returning Visitors Option?

Love Piwik! If I continue using the services through to the summer I’d really like to donate to help support the program.

I have a suggestion for a service I’d really like to see implemented on my Visits Over Time graph. I have it so that mine tells me how many visits I have gotten for each date as well as how many unique visitors I get. What I’d also really really like to have added to the graph is the option to track how many of those people are returning visitors-- I have a webcomic I run and I’d like it if my graph reflected how many people are actually coming back and checking for updates and such. I’m going to be using ads starting in the early summer and I’ll expect a large boost in page views, but I’d like to be able to separate one-time viewers from people who are actually consistently coming back and checking out the site.

I know the visitors log says who is a returning visitor and such, but I’d also really like it if the graph showed it as well.

Go to Visitors>Engagement. does it help?

Well, not really, but I figured out I could still get unique visits, visits, and returning visits if I just abandoned the Visits Over Time widget and used the Returning Visits Over Time widget, which I hadn’t noticed before. So thanks all the same, since I probably wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.